Every time we go to Portugal, my daughter arranges for us to bring stuff out for her and there's not enough room for our stuff. I'm hopefully going out tomorrow and I paid for hold luggage, so I'd be ok this time. There is not a single item of mine in the 20Kg bag and I'm now taking my clothes out of my cabin bag to make room for more of her stuff. She really does take the p!ss at times. Oh, and her friends all came round with presents for me to take out. These are intelligent people so why can't they have the sense to buy small presents? But no, they get them Tonka breakdown trucks! I had to pay £20 to post it all out.

Just had a row with my wife when I said whatever happens, I'm taking my camera, even if it means leaving the cheap boxes of chocolates she got from Wilkos.

Rant over.

Just heard BHX is closed but I think that's just to clear the snow.

So, with luck I'll be in the Algarve tomorrow, where it is currently too wet to stick your head out of the door!