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General Chat Thread, Media server in General; One of the things in the school that is a PITA is VHS video players, so I am thinking about ...
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    Media server

    One of the things in the school that is a PITA is VHS video players, so I am thinking about replacing them with a nice new system thus:

    A central tv server - with a bunch of tuner cards in, running MythTV and MythTVWeb
    A big file server for storing all this data.
    Teaching the staff how to schedule things to record on it and how to get those recordings in their class.
    Adding a VCR to the system to digitise our existing VHS tapes.

    Now, has anyone else done this? Or thought of doing this and not done it?

    Any thoughts? (My thought at the moment is copyright with the VHS tapes...)

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    Re: Media server

    Someone else has done this I'm sure of it...

    Ahah... was right... this should help:

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    Re: Media server

    Yup I did it, and am still going, i'm drowing under VHS tapes, literally! I keep sending them back to deparments saying STOP ive got enough! I think i have about 3 boxes full.

    Anyway, my new solution, as well as still copying them to the PC, editing them, ERA titling them as required etc is to just use a VCR / DVD recorder to put them on to DVD, and then give the department a DVD of there video instead and say stick that in your PC instead. I can also rip it straight off the DVD much quicker and easier than messing around with the PC.

    I found the PC solution was ok, but you need a very good PC, which I have got, its an Intel C2D rig with 700GB storage and 1GB ram, so plenty of umph for the job, but its time, as I keep agreeing to do various video projects for departments as well so my time seems to get reduced from copying these blasted videos to the system to copying from mini-dv tapes to the PC and then editing and making DVDs for theatre productions etc.

    Anyway, read my huuge thread and see if that covers what you need.

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