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General Chat Thread, What is the general size of your IT Department in General; Originally Posted by DCS Can anyone let me know the number of IT Support staff you have compared to number ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by DCS View Post
    Can anyone let me know the number of IT Support staff you have compared to number of servers/clients/hours of work etc... Please

    Are you a school or a support organisation? I've had a look at Your IP, so know where you are located and you've already posted another thread about proxies, and in both instances yiou have given no context but asked for lots of information from our members. Please let me know as soon as you can.

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    Two jobs:

    Primary - four days a week, 3 servers 70 workstations, 9 classes. Two hours ICT Clubs, run web site and generally help in ICT Suite with classes when they are in. Suspect that under budgetary constraints this will be chopped though - ICT here currently being Benchmarked and found to be significantly higher cost than in comparable schools. Biggest fear that the school will go the what seems popular route of recent times - outsource to an every hungry and expanding IT Provider in the County. Leaves me wondering how safe my position will be.

    Secondary (BSED). Circa 70 boys on role. Two servers (Curriculum and Admin) 110 and rising number of workstations. A day a week and trying to build a Joomla Web for them as well.

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