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General Chat Thread, I want fork handles in General; I was strolling down the pet food aisle in Tescos yesterday evening when a woman turned to a shop assistant ...
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    I want fork handles

    I was strolling down the pet food aisle in Tescos yesterday evening when a woman turned to a shop assistant and asked if he had fat balls. If he'd have been a pupil at my school I'd have given him a couple of credits for keeping a straight face and politely asking if the woman could explain herself.
    "Fat balls. The sort you hang out for birds in winter."
    To which he replied, "No madam. I don't have fat balls. Try a garden centre"

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    Wilkos do them. Tub of 50 for £7 something.

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    Reminds me of the time my parents sent me out to the local pet shop to get more peanuts for the birdies. "Ask him if his nuts are certified" they said......

    Which ranks second to the occasion that I was able to go to the furniture shop and say that I was looking for an electric chair for my mother.......

    Of course the answer to the 'fat balls' question should have been.. "No Madam, I dont have fat balls, I always walk this way!".

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    Yes, we bought some. getting the shopping out of the car with the baby asleep in it at home, it was a case of Jem saying "3 tesco bags, 1 homebase", me saying "got it..", then eventually she called out "fat balls!"..to which I replied "yes, huge t*ts?"..much to the amusement of next door. It took both of us a while to stop laughing enough to get the baby out!

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