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General Chat Thread, Technicians office security!! in General; our main door has a code lock which 1 cleaner and site manager also know our storeroom is locked with ...
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    Re: Technicians office security!!

    our main door has a code lock which 1 cleaner and site manager also know
    our storeroom is locked with only 2 keys, both of which we have

    in the server room we have installed a netbotz http://www.netbotz.com/

    this is able to log via a camera and door switch any entry into the server room, also logs temp and humidity changes
    bit expensive but we like our toys

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    Re: Technicians office security!!

    Both our office and server room have the same lock...which is also the same as every other office on the floor so virtually everyone has access

    Cleaners do seem to unlock the office door and do leave it open which annoys me but to be fair to them they seem to leave the server room well alone

    We do all have keys but generally the office is left open all day unless we know we're all in another location. Server room stays locked although I am guilty sometimes of going in once and leaving it unlocked the rest of the day....

    Staff are allowed in the room if we're in here (not a lot we could do to stop them) and we try and encourage kids to stay outside the door, and most do, but you get some (mostly sixth formers) who just barge straight in

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    Re: Technicians office security!!

    Only me has a key for my office, but if I know I am going to be off I leave the key with the technician. This is not been done by the way as I don't want him in, we just never have had the chance to get a copy done, as you need school letter head etc to get this type of key cut.

    Both myself and Technician have a key for the server room, the caretaker also has a master key for that area of the school which fits the server room.

    We also have a key for all ICT Suites across the school as well as master keys for general classrooms which is kept hanging up in the server room.

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    Re: Technicians office security!!

    Our ICT support office - all 4 of us have keys, as do SMT, premises and cleaners. Nothing has ever gone missing so not worried and we tend to be first in and last out anyway.

    Server room - 3 keys, me, the network manager and a techy.

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    Re: Technicians office security!!

    ok this will make you laugh - my 'server room' is a cupboard in the ict suite and the ict suite door is locked by.......

    .........a hasp & staple with a bright green combination padlock!

    I did have a code bolt but that decided to lock me out one day so removed part of that and put a padlock on it instead! And all staff know the combination to the padlock as they quite often want to go into the suite to collect printouts after i've gone home but nothing ever seems to 'walk' without a message being left on my desk that they've taken it.

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    Re: Technicians office security!!

    The entry door into my office has an individual key, specially for that door. IT staff have them, site manager and cleaners. The office has an Axis cam in it as well. Lockup cupboards are used for laptops etc.

    The entrance into the IT Suites surrounding my office are code doors using "Keylex" locks. The server room has 3 keys..me, network manager, and site manager. There's a cam in there too, running into the network cab and off to the council IT offices.

    We're getting an office "extension" soon so myself and the Net manager can have our own area...THEN, we'll kit the security out. Lockable cabinets, cameras, stable door, and if I can salvage one, an electric release/yale lock.

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