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General Chat Thread, What makes a great teacher ? in General; What Makes a Great Teacher? - Magazine - The Atlantic...
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    What makes a great teacher ?

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    I'm sure I have posted this or something like this on here before, it comes down to the same thing though, any attempt to properly identify and compencate the good teachers will make all the rubbish ones threaten strikes and legal action to prevent it from affecting their pay. That and there are not enough good teachers to fill the positions required so if the low performers were dropped there would not be enough to perform the babysitting portion of the job.

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    What makes a good teacher ??? One that doesn't send a kid from a class room (with a phone in ) 10 mins the other end of the school to tell me that a mouse is unplugged.

    While that seems selfish from a techy point of view the lack of logic and common sense (with both lack of technical knowledge (if you would call it that) in fixing said problem, and reason for sending two kids to miss 20 mins of less on when there is a phone/help desk, is beyond me) must also translate to their teaching marking etc

    I am not wanting to teacher bash here but just state opinion.

    The strange think is that our school is on of the top performing in the county and country... They must be good teachers and my above opinions are either wrong or just think how good the school would be if they had a bit more logic and common sense.

    /(slightly Abbott ale induced) rant

    Live long and prosper lol

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