Just got a call from one of my schools - can I speak to a chap about a smart meter - phones handed across to an engineer whoes come to fit the smart meter so the school can monitor electricity usuage via a PC.

Of course, the school had
1. Failed to tell me they'd signed up for the scheme

2 And of course, hadn't told me they'd be coming today.

So no network point near electricity cupboard!

I told the ICT co-ordinator at the school I was at and he looked a bit sheepishly at me and said BTW did I tell you they are coming here next week.

I said - do you remember me telling you we neede to book the installers to fit a network point in there before they come.

Eh - mm - yes.

You've got to laugh.

I'll bet I'll get to some of my other schools and find they got fitted 2 months agao but no-one has told me