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General Chat Thread, Surely these Printing costs are wrong.... in General; Originally Posted by mcnallyfc Maniac & Skunk - thanks for info, figures look good with the system in place. The ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcnallyfc View Post
    Maniac & Skunk - thanks for info, figures look good with the system in place.

    The main issue for me is the existing printers. 50% will be inkjet/desktjet that we wont support or buy an cartridges for so they can go. Once the MFD's are in place what did you do about admin offices etc where there are 3+ users in a room with a decent laser printer. Were card readers put on these? or were they just networked between the users and they have unrestricted usage? With the idea of slowly pushing them out so that the MFD's are used.

    Also how did you manage the credit system - our departments buy toners/cartridges out of their budgets. Did SLT reduce department budgets accordingly to use the credit system?
    Our main office has a range of 6-9 people working in there at anyone time - each having their own laser printer (apart from the 2 people on the front desk who share a printer). We have tried to encourage the removal of these and replace all of them with a high volume printer, trays for all the variations of items they print on etc - but this hasn't happened due to a lack of support from SLT (probably wanting to avoid friction with the admin staff).

    Your next question about usage - the admin staff in the office have an inflated allowance of 400-600 credits a week and we rarely have to give extra credits.

    How is the credit system managed - the allowances were decided upon after quite a lot of thought and has only been altered for SLT and a few vocal members of teaching staff. 25/60/400 is the approx allowance for students/staff/slt - admin.

    Toners - they are ordered by the IT support office and currently departments don't pay for them so as you can guess printing is seen as free and photocopying comes out of department budgets. However we 'encourage' the use of photocopying by restricting the number of copies you can print to 3 and duplicate print jobs are deined within 90 seconds.

    After over a year of use papercut is well worth the cost and both staff and students happily work within the sensible limits that have been set.

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    We are a 600 student primary. Last year on ink alone we spent £40,000 on ink. I dread to think what it would be for the paper and everything else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuyersBuddy View Post
    Hi can I ask who conducted the print audit and did you use them eventually?
    Generally on forums, people find it irritating when someone goes round resurrecting old threads for fun and profit. Especially profit!

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