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General Chat Thread, McNasty, Unlucky Fried Kitten et.al. to write govt policy on obesity. in General; Originally Posted by akidosaint Could go way of the danish to fix the obesity problem BBC News - Panorama - ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by akidosaint View Post
    Could go way of the danish to fix the obesity problem

    BBC News - Panorama - Should the UK tax high-fat junk food to cut obesity rates?

    Hit people in the pocket but someone will winge
    No its just an excuse to get more money: smoking, fuel, vat etc...

    On the bright side it might taste nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew_C View Post
    Some of you have missed the point by a long way. Our Govt are giving these businesses a huge say in legislation designed to control them. Have we learned nothing about how that works? Do we really want this?

    It has nothing to do with how much lard there in in McD's food; or what it tastes like. It has everything to do with democracy, and the people being sold to the highest bidder.
    i don't know enough about these proposals to make a judgement on it's effect on democracy, but this bit indicates it's not all one-sided...

    Working alongside them are public interest health and consumer groups including Which?, Cancer Research UK and the Faculty of Public Health

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    Atleast they havn't put Jamie Oliver in charge. Our average kids meal has gone from a peice of pizza and some chips to a peice of pizza and 2 cakes, or in some cases just 2 cakes. Brill! Even the "best" kids choosing the "healthiest" option just have pasta every day, because a high carb diet is really healthy, especially with our kids vigorous exercise regimes

    Anyway I thought our kids were too skinny from watching ".......'s next top model"???
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