A direct quote from a member of the UKgovernors website:

Beat Bullying, the anti-bullying charity, is staging a Big March on Monday, 15th November - the start of Anti-Bullying Week 2010. The march is unique in that it takes place entirely online.

If you go to the site The Big March and register, you can create an avatar and design a placard for it to hold. On Monday tens of thousands of avatars will "march" across well known websites to highlight the campaign. There is also a petition to sign which will be presented to Call Me Dave at the No.10 website.

The facts and figs bit

BULLYING & CYBERBULLYING 30% of children and young people report being bullied at school in the last year. 26%
of children and young people report being bullied outside of school in the last year.
1 in 3 to 16 year olds have been deliberately cyber bullied. For a quarter of these,
the experience was ongoing, meaning that 1 in 13 children were persistently cyber

In 2007/8, 15.7% of all permanent exclusions of children from primary, secondary,
and special schools were as a result of physically assaulting another pupil.
36% of school absences were caused by bullying in the UK in 2006.
44% of suicides committed by young people in the UK are associated with
experiences of bullying.

67% of parents think that Government is not doing enough to tackle bullying.

61.4% of pupils with a learning difficulty had been bullied.
63% of pupils with mild to moderate special education needs (SEN) and 83% of
pupils with severe special educational needs (SEN) reported being bullied - this is
280,000 young people.

65% of lesbian, gay and bisexual young people experience homophobic bullying in

Hope you support this worthy cause.
You can join as an individual, or as a school, company or charity.

Maybe edugeek could join? How about it Dos_Box?