I had one of THOSE days todays today... did loads, but none of it IT technical work.

I did have a very successful sort through some of the heaps in my office and created a large heap of WEEE disposals, a large volume of paper for recycling and a black sack of technical rubbish (useless cables, knackered keyboards, floppy disks, mice without balls, mice with balls...) It felt very good!

Technical support amounted to:

Problem 1: "Mrs gee, please could you go to the PE office because the telephone's not working?"
Resolution: I did go... and plugged the extension lead for the telephone power supply back into the wall... and then left having established there was no IT problem.

Problem 2: "Mrs gee, my new staple gun doesn't work"
Teacher has had staple gun for roughly 1 month and apparently other teachers and the TA couldn't work it either.
Resolution: I showed the teacher how to release and replace the safety catch; the staple gun worked perfectly. Teacher demonstrated this to the amazed TA who commented on how I was so brilliant with technical things (and wasn't sarky either, she meant it)

I think I'm over-paid