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General Chat Thread, What's the point!?! in General; Last Friday I had a meeting with our Site Manager to go over various things that were happening over this ...
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    What's the point!?!

    Last Friday I had a meeting with our Site Manager to go over various things that were happening over this half term and to find out what we need to be aware of

    As we were leaving the meeting (literally walking out of the door) he told me that the power for the whole school will be disconnected on Tuesday morning as a new mains cable is being connected. After taking a seat again and trying to get an explanation as to why telling me this wasn't priority number one, we agreed that the power will go off at 8.30am this morning but before it is switched off someone will double check with me before actually doing it.

    Anyway, at 8.10am this morning whilst I was going through the servers shutting them down, someone pulled the plug!

    I'd say I managed to shutdown 4 out of 14 servers. Some of the remaining kit was connected to a UPS so I managed to get them down successfully.

    This just gets right on my !*$'s!

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    Hope they come back up again! If not, use it as an excuse for get more UPSs, and as the power was pulled before the specified time - you know where to send the bill!

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    I feel your pain we had this problem in the summer while we were disconnected we had power during the day because the council would not let us run the generator during the night.

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    Yup I know of those pains, it was supposed to be just me having some fibre installed this holiday, then National Grid announced they need to do some work on the Substation tomorrow so I knew about that, power should be fine they will move us onto a big generator they said, but we are having a IT off morning just to make sure were safe don't want there Genny spiking or anything and blowing my new LAN to bits! Then the bursar got a call today saying the heating firm are coming to service a load of blower heaters! She asked was this booked in and they said oh yeah with the site manager weeks ago, this being the Term Time only site manager who's 2nd in command is off on holiday as is the 3rd guy thus the Bursar was not impressed as its just me and her this holiday so we have our own work to do without managing contractors that are not directly to do with us!


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