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General Chat Thread, Good winter or bad winter? in General; Originally Posted by localzuk 3 pallets?! How big is your school? We bought 10 bags here, as any more than ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by localzuk View Post
    3 pallets?! How big is your school? We bought 10 bags here, as any more than that usually means we need to close anyway...
    Southern pansies! Try 14 tonnes! (or was it 14 1/2 tonne bags... can't remember, //EDIT no I'm informed it was infact 14 tonnes//). And no I'm not kidding. And no we didn't go wild with it, only narrow walkways were cleared, people were still falling over and crashing cars and the likes.

    On a serious though it does show how quickly some schools/areas close their doors, if the north of England and near enough all of Scotland did that we wouldn't be open most of the year!!!
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    all a load of rubbish to me. I live in East England, and the snow was bad yes, but the problem was lack of gritting. I didn't go in one day and got told off the next day for not trying, despite living on a normal day 30 minutes away, and the conditions outside my house being so bad the buses refused to come down my road. I made it in the next day, after a 2 hour journey....

    Met office reports that east england has 'light snow' forcast for east england, max of 2 inches. I should get a good bit of it living on the chiltern hills, but probably not enough to warrant me not coming in (i live within 2 miles of where I work)

    I suspect my trusty mountain bike will come out if it does snow. That's always fun in the snow!

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