I sent my nokia 5800 to these people for cash, when I first entered the details in their site it was eligible for £85 however once they had received they revised their offer to £59 due to "heavy scratching" on the screen and if I didn't contact them within 3 days thats how much I would get.

Trouble is with these companies is that they will then charge you a fee to return your phone.

I emailed them to say that I agree there was some scratching but that as it didn't affect the touchscreen functionality of legibility I would be happy of a payment of between £70 - £75 and if they agreed then they could process the payment as soon as possible.

Just check my bank and they deposited £70 in there which I thought was fair enough shouldn't have just told them I'd be happy with £75 though

I never recieved a reply to my email so didn't know what I would get until I checked my bank account but other than that I am pleased with the outcome.

Just goes to show never accept the first offer is a good thing to do.