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General Chat Thread, Health and safety with netbooks??!? in General; We have just installed three trolleys worth of netbooks in the school. If that wasn't bad enough a teacher has ...
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    Health and safety with netbooks??!?

    We have just installed three trolleys worth of netbooks in the school.
    If that wasn't bad enough a teacher has brought up the fact that surely there must be some health and saftey issues with the students using the netbooks for prolonged periods of time.
    I'm not sure what those issues might be but I'm supposed to find out

    Has anyone else had such a quandary thrust at them?

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    The Display Screen Equipment Regulations are the relevant ones, although the legislation doesn't actually apply to students/pupils

    Display Screen Equipment (DSE)
    Display Screen Equipment - Frequently asked questions

    I think the general advice would be that if the kids need a computer for the whole session they should be in a suite or lab, if they're just using it for part of it then the netbooks are appropriate.

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    Off the top of my head,
    -Staring at a small screen for long periods not good for them. SOLUTION: Enforce regular breaks of not looking at it.
    -Taking out and putting away of laptops in trolley requires low level manual handling. Make sure trolley is safe and free of sharp edges/corners, and electrical supply is well maintained.
    -Site where they are using them is not designed for use. If using in a non-specialised room, make sure that the furniture is suitable for use. Also consider safety if chargers are used outside of the charging trolleys in respect to cables.
    -Is it suitable for use by people with disabilities, whatever they may be? Requires some knowledge of what disabilities are present within the school.
    -Cleanliness. Children are naturally unhealthy creatures. Many ICT rooms will have a scheduled clean, or a cleaner will wipe down desks/keyboards briefly during normal cleaning duties. Do you have anything in place for the netbooks?

    That's all I can think of for now.

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