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General Chat Thread, Why is my laptop so hot? in General; I have a HP compaq 6715 and it gets so hot that it might as well be its own handwarmer, ...
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    Why is my laptop so hot?

    I have a HP compaq 6715 and it gets so hot that it might as well be its own handwarmer, anyone know what you can do to cool it down?

    Are all laptops the same or can someone recommend some that are good but dont heat the place up?

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    I assume you've opened it up and cleaned out the dust? Most frequent cause is cruft/cat hair/dust build-up in the heatsink and fans. If you use compressed air, place something like a cocktail stick between the fan blades to prevent it spinning (it's very, very easy to knacker / unbalance laptop fans with compressed air). It's better to open it up (grab a service manual from HP's website) IMO because just blowing it can merely relocate the dust buffalos.

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