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I'm with witch - I really can't see the point (from an individual's point of view, rather than an authoritarian govt pov) - unless each card is stamped "Potential Terrorist" or "Criminal" - what use are they to reducing crime or terrorism?? Even if the police had the power (and lot of them think they do) to stop and demand ID - how does that stop any illegal act? The police in Spain have those powers and people have to carry ID _ but it doesn't stop any of the bombings there.
Didn't you know? We're in google's world now. Enough data mining and they'll be able to spot all the potentially dangerous anomalous patterns for further investigation. You're no longer an individual, you're a set of statistics defining a 'normal' behaviour pattern which can then deviate into abnormality, obviously showing you to be some sort of threat.

Really can't recommend this book enough (and it's a legal and free download) - Little Brother Ľ Download for Free