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General Chat Thread, Jury service in General; Done it twice. If you have to do it 1) take a book and 2) make sure you get the ...
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    Done it twice. If you have to do it 1) take a book and 2) make sure you get the foreman to ask any questions you may have asap; if they start summing up it will be too late.

    I totally understand your predicament, though, and if I was called again I would try to defer it to the holidays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattx View Post
    I would love to do Jury Service - in fact they could stick me on a huge drawn out case which could take months. I would love it - not a stupid computer in sight. Would make a change from showing people how to do something for the zillionith time.......
    No sound ? Oooo look, volume turned down. Nothing on the screen ? Ooooo look, try turning it on. IWB not working ? Oooo look, here is the tutorial I E-mailed to everyone, it's also on the staff notice board and it's also the TOP knowledge base link on Spiceworks......
    Months without having wipe bottoms - that would be heaven.

    So please please please please please please please - I want to do Jury Service, and the longer the better. Pick me !! For the love of God, PICK ME !!!
    Put the knife down Matt and back away from the user...slowly...slowly...

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    mattx (30th September 2010)

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeMarchand View Post
    Done it twice. If you have to do it 1) take a book and 2) make sure you get the foreman to ask any questions you may have asap; if they start summing up it will be too late.
    Also, take lots of notes. You don't get a transcript at the end and they won't prepare one for you, even if you ask. If you want to revisit any evidence it will be read out to you by the judge.

    Make sure you have all your expenses forms up to date, loss of earnings form completed with bank details, and receipts on you at all times. Once the jury is discharged they don't waste any time booting you out and get straight onto processing all the paperwork (anything due is normally in your bank account within 7 days).

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    I'm not desperate to do it, but I do hope I get called up at some point...it just seems like one of those things that would be a an interesting experiance to look back on, whether it was good or bad

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    I was called once, quite a while ago. Phoned them, they were ever so helpful in deferring my service to a time convenient for school and work and things. Found it absolutely fascinating - but there are times when you certainly need a book or three, the newspaper and probably some knitting or something. Had two days doing v little, was sent home on one day, and we were quite frequently bundled out of the court while some legal argument was heard, and again had to amuse ourselves. For interest, don't miss it - and it is an opportunity to have your (circumscribed) say....

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    Just make sure you pay attention with paperwork for expenses claims/loss of earnings and check to see what your boss is going to do while you were away.

    When I did mine a couple of years ago - my headteacher decided not to bother anyone with the paperwork and just paid me as normal and I just claimed my expenses from the court.

    You can have your mobile phone on at all times except when actually in court (you can have it on you even then but god help you if the judge hears it going off or see you txting on it!) and when is case is handed to you for a decision, so you will normally be contactable for a large part of the time.

    Logmein will be your friend (if allowed by your RBC )

    Just make sure you don't get caught like a TA in one my schools did on Friday - she found out her headteacher had taken her off the payroll for the whole 2 weeks (and didn't tell her) and she hasn't claimed for loss of earning from the court (because she didn't think she'd need to) and only got 2.5 weeks pay



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