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General Chat Thread, How to become detached from work and not care about being friends with everyone? in General; That is really the concern of the Teachers, not the support staff. They are paid to plan and account for ...
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    That is really the concern of the Teachers, not the support staff. They are paid to plan and account for grades and work out ways of improving them. We are here to support the staff in teaching and learning as best we can.

    The job is to make sure the systems run as best as they can, and where possible suggest ways of improving it. Not to worry about X student getting the grade they need for that college course.

    If a student or teacher asks me for help of course I'll do what I can to help within the scope of my job and my abilities. But it is not my job to ensure that his grades are met as expected, that is between the student and the teacher.

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    As well as introducing a helpdesk and/or fault reporting system, it would be useful to work with your SLT to introduce a Service Level Agreement or a set of expected timescales (a better description perhaps). If users are aware of the likely timescales involved in dealing with the different categories of requetst, they are less likely to complain. I have attached one that I prepared for my last school. This was well recieved by (most) users as it enabled us and them to manage their (and our) expectations.

    IT Support Service Levels Jan 07.doc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam_Brown View Post
    Everyone knows me as the nice IT guy but it's impossible to be that any more. I'm having to be a "bad guy" because I can't keep everyone happy any more because the work load is too high and we're understaffed.

    I need to learn to become more... "detached" from the other people, care more about prioritising and doing what needs to be done instead of trying to keep everyone happy. To be more professional and do my job to the best of my abilities instead of stopping things I'm in the middle of to help someone else because they are my friend.

    Aragggahhh I can't do this easily. My head hurts.

    Does anyone have any tips and tricks to keeping everyone happy while also having to learn to say "no" to those people who you've always been there to help even when it might not have been in your job description to help them...
    Just PM'd you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rydra View Post
    This mindset takes a little time and effort to get into, and not everyone can manage it.

    And the short answer is, take less to heart, and care less!

    I've said it to students and teachers before, and it may sound harsh, but it's really not!

    I don't really care about the students themselves, or even to a certain extent the teachers. Our jobs and main focus is that "Teaching" happens, and has the best tools possible to do that. And in reality, the percentage of students who get A-C, or whatever in the annual stats means nothing to me. Their GCSE scores do not affect my workload.

    So do I care about X student and wheither they'll get a B or a C in some subject? Not really, it doesn't really affect my job. Equally, I don't really care if X teacher really wants to have itunes to sync with their ipod as their home PC isn't working or whatever. Their ability to listen to music in their spare time is not my concern.
    I will go out of my way to help them, IF and only IF it does not affect my ability to do my main focus; my job relating to ICT, and keeping teaching going. Some might see this as selfish, but in reality they are probably just grumpy as they were planning on asking you to do something cheeky.

    Most people will respect this, and it shows commitment and responsibility.

    So use your helpdesk wisely. And where needed, either ask the people wanting favours to come back when it's more convenient, or take note of it, and offer to fix it when you can. Anything else, goes on the helpdesk.
    I can understand some of what you say but other bits ... nope ... seriously wrong IMHO.

    Whilst you may not care about whether the students gets the student gets the grades or the targets are achieved you can bet the school does, and that should be everyone in the school. You are not there just to make the systems work, but to make sure the systems are the right ones for the students to get the best grades.

    If I was a medical room as a surgical technician and I made sure the room was a decontaminated and clean as it could be and so were all the instruments, but the surgeon suddenly needs a type #11 bladed scalpel but I only have #16s because both I and the surgeon know that he can still do the job with it, but it leaves a bigger scar ... yes, the patient may be saved but I am doing the job properly if I don't care about the size of the scar too?

    As for doing favours ... yep, if it affects the school stuff it doesn't happen, but instead of saying the teacher will be grumpy (some staff, teacher or otherwise, will always be grumpy) explaining to the staff member that by doing them a favour you are not able to do x, y & z which is affecting T&L. I'd also still stick it on the helpdesk as you can use it to show how you are helping staff become more ICT literate.

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