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General Chat Thread, The Telegraph's giant list of quangos to be abolished in General; So, the Telegraph has published a leaked list of quangos due to be abolished by the govt. ( Link ) ...
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    The Telegraph's giant list of quangos to be abolished

    So, the Telegraph has published a leaked list of quangos due to be abolished by the govt. (Link)

    The few that have already been announced are on the list, but there are a large number of others which make me question what the government is doing quite a lot.

    Examples include:

    British Waterways - this organisation do a brilliant job keeping the canals of Britain running, and opening up/reclaiming waterways which were unnavigable. Who will do this instead? The DfT, with their main obsession with the roads? Canals will become sidelined, again, and we'll start to see a decline in them.

    School Support Staff Negotiating Body - We only just had this set up! How do the government intend to improve national consistency of pay for support staff? Or do they simply not care, and are hoping for strikes in the future, considering this was set up as an agreement between the govt and unions.

    Security Industry Authority - Surely this is counter-productive? Allowing the security industry to return to its pre-regulation state, full of organised crime and corruption. Great!

    Now, I know this list isn't definitive, but I fear it is and wonder how we're actually going to govern the country effectively without them.

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    It does seem like a short sighted decision. I'm sure there are some which there is little use for but some of the ones to be abolished are important! I agree with you about British Waterways
    And I'm still annoyed about the UK Film Council

    The other 2 you mention I'm not actually aware of, but look as if they do decent work, same with many of the others on that list. I know cuts need to be made but the government seems to be going crazy with them

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    Interesting one about the School Support Staff Negotiating body ... that goes, but the Teacher Review Board stays.

    The BBC have a slightly different list ...

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