I know some of you don't like the CSE software - I have been fan of it for a while [ CAL 5 ] - yes it does have it's quirks but for me over the last 6 years I have never really had a major problem - only up until last week when an aspect of it suddenly stopped working.
I have fixed small problems with it before through scripting etc but this problem was a major show stopper so I sent a E-mail detailing the problem to them.
Big problem though !! The software we were using [ I knew it was old ] was out of support however they still were prepared to help and in the end managed to solve the problem after lots of E-mails back and forth between myself and Tony Saxby.
This is the sort of support other software and hardware companies should take note of - a company willing to help even when a product is out of support.
So a big thanks and well done to CSE.