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General Chat Thread, Connect phone to mac with 3.5mm jack? in General; I am trying to connect my phone to a mac to play some audio. I have gone into sound and ...
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    Connect phone to mac with 3.5mm jack?

    I am trying to connect my phone to a mac to play some audio.
    I have gone into sound and changed input to line in and I can see that sound is going in but I can't work out how I can then just listen to that audio!

    Can someone let me know what I'm missing?


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    From what I have always believed, any audio coming in to a laptop/computer cannot be listened to 'live' as the computer stops the in sound coming out the speakers to avoid feedback loops. You're simple test for this is to open the sound recorder (assuming macs have one) and while the music is playing on your phone, press record on your computer. If you play it back and hear your music then that will prove whether the sound is going in or not. If it is, you can't use your laptop as a pair of speakers, if it isn't then you have a problem somewhere else.

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