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General Chat Thread, Staff Complaints in General; TBH I believe that teachers are born, not made, and a degree or lack of it is fairly irrelevant. Anyway, ...
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    TBH I believe that teachers are born, not made, and a degree or lack of it is fairly irrelevant. Anyway, a first class hons is no proof of common sense, anymore than a third is proof of stupidity

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    Take Maths for example, you do not need to be highly qualified at University Level to understand High School Maths. They are fundamentally different. High School is all about Calculus and other Nuts & Bolts while if you are getting a 2:1 or above you will focus on mathematical proofs. It's the same with Physics understanding and teaching Newtonian Laws is a bit different from M Theory.

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    Back to the issue withthe helpdesk ... oneof the best things you can have the helpdesk do is to send out an email when it is logged. If the person doesn't get an email then it is obviously not logged so they need to get it logged again. It is the lack of communication that gets to people and starts of the problem (or allows the problem to jumped on by those with an axe to grind) and it also means that if you get taken to task you can show someone the list of calls and get them (as senior leaders) to prioritise differently.

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    /meekly tries to catch his earlier point and return it to its cage

    Alright, alright, consider me chastised. It was a knee-jerk reaction based off the fact that everyone I knew at Uni who got a third did so because, well, they phoned it in. They were the kind that were nominally at Uni but were never actually at Uni. But, as has been said, degree classification has little bearing on actual suitability for employment.

    I really should know better, as I've spent all week trying to convince the OH that even though she's not academic, she's a damn sight better at teaching than most of the teachers at her school (she's a TA) because she know how to deal with kids better than they do, and can break subjects down into something mroe easily understandable - chiefly because she's had to do the same herself to remember it.

    So consider this a humble and public retraction and we can let the thread drift back on topic... which is that staff should use the helpdesk, that's what it's there for. They'd be annoyed if their job never got done because everyone else kept interrupting you before you could get to them. And if there's any ambiguity, get your NM to write it into the SLA/AUP/other relevant policy when he gets back from his course.

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    "You can't please any of the people most of the time".
    People don't see the problem in terms of the school, they see it in terms of their own litte worlds, thus every problem to them is an emergency but in the grand scheme of things might not be or might be superceeded by something else.

    I would stick to your guns. Get everything logged. If you don't you will forget things and make mistakes. It can be hard but if peole log things you then have a written record, if there's more than 1 of you then someone else may pick up the job. But the most important reason is that it lets you evaluate the workload and decide on priorites and time scales. You might lets 2 or 3 minor jobs build up in an area before looking at them together.

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    the way i manage teachers is learn the are of talking cr*p, i just tend to make things up on the spot - or say that one of the other technicians is in charge of that type of thing - even if im lying!! But to be honest im normally only heckled for things these days by it teachers when im either in the office at my desk or in there classroom fixing something - so i don't tend to mind fixing other slight issues they may have in the classroom as it saves extra workload - although when i go back to the office i put it down in the comments section of the helpdesk request that i also fixed additional problems while I was in the room.

    But all staff know here that even if they bring things to the office e.g there work laptops to fix that we will not fix it until they go back to there classroom and email us a helpdesk ticket - even if the laptop sits with us for 4 days before they email us it doesn't get fixed - once they learn the hard way that if they don't email us we wont fix a problem - most laptops only fail the syncronisation but the teacher panics and brings it to us - once the helpdesk ticket is there enless a complicated fault they normally have the laptop back within 3 hours!

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    Quote Originally Posted by elsiegee40 View Post
    Not if there were kids in the classroom when you did it. You don't need to say anything, just leave
    I can imagine it, listening to the kids taking the mickey out of the teacher

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