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General Chat Thread, Random internet drop in General; Got a bit of a random question. Anyone experience any issues getting onto google at about 4:20-5:20 today? The reason ...
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    Random internet drop

    Got a bit of a random question. Anyone experience any issues getting onto google at about 4:20-5:20 today?

    The reason I ask is that about 4:20 today I lost my internet conection, or so I thought. As google is my home page and it's also the site I tend to ping for diagnostics the fact that I couldn't get a response on any machine made me think my internet was broken. Proxy looked OK and I rebooted it as a precaution, I even tried a ping test from the firewall but despite being able to do DNS I couldn't ping google.

    By random chance I hapened to try a differnet search engine, bing, and that worked. I could also get to Microsoft.com, AQA's website and my local council but not google, some other sites and more importantly... Edugeek!!! Then suddenly it was OK. I had phoned my ISP and they seemed to think everything was OK.

    I'm guessing it's some kind of issue beyond my site but it was really random what I could and couldn't get to. It didn't help that I'd fixed and DNS glitch (I believe) about two hours earlier (though the more I thought about it the more I realised DNS was working fine, I just couldn't get to some sites).

    We've got a BT leased line if that helps and I wonder if it was some monkey in the exchange (someone else has been having trouble with their BT line).

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    Maybe related to the issues mentioned above

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    I had this porblem at home yesterday with my BT line, ended up re-setting my router which seamed to resolve this issue. Thought it was just me.

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