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General Chat Thread, New iPod in General; Garrr Superfletch, Why buy her an Ipod when a sensible man would buy her a new Hoover or Apron or ...
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    Garrr Superfletch, Why buy her an Ipod when a sensible man would buy her a new Hoover or Apron or something useful like that. However if one must buy her the iPod it supports these formats:

    File Format File Type Associated With Compatible with iPod?


    * Though not 100% open (in the legal or technical sense) in all cases, these file formats are widely used and, in many cases, not controlled by just one company.
    ** Can be converted using third-party software to mp3, aac, etc.

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    hmm a few things...

    you can copy the music directly off the ipod to PC, you just have to show hidden files, find the folder(believe its under media, itunes) then copy the music off. The issue with this is that itunes renames all the folders and music so you have folder "001", "002" etc, this can be sorted with free programs of the net that sort your music into folders using the ID3 Tags, ive done this several times.

    as others have said DO NOT USE Auto sync, its easy to just to drag and drop in Itunes, just sort by date.

    DO NOT allow Itunes to convert your music, just point it to your current folder which holds your music it will play MP3's fine, and copy them to your ipod fine.

    my 80GB classic Ipod took almost a full day to copy too, so be prepared if you have a lot of music(i had filled the ipod completly)

    also be warned that i found itunes to be horrible, it constantly trying to update, and do things to my music library in the background, whether this was down to itunes or the amount of music i had i dont know, but it would pretty much kill my machine. and it didnt happen in winamp (tip if you dont have itunes installed somewhere you can use windows media player to play your music directly off the ipod, just point it to the hidden music folder)

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