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General Chat Thread, Anyone using MS Access in a KS2 environment in General; Does anyone use Microsoft Access for KS2 database work - personally I have never got my head round the programme ...
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    Anyone using MS Access in a KS2 environment

    Does anyone use Microsoft Access for KS2 database work - personally I have never got my head round the programme but teachers ask me to recommend good database software and it seems the natural choice?

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    i wouldn't recommend it for databasing at a KS2 level, i remember when i was in year 11 and most my IT class couldn't grasp it.

    Some of my schools use Information Workshop (Made by Black Cat) and other use Textease Database. Both seem basic enough, kids simply say what they want to store and it handles the tables and views for them and they get the concept of inputing and filtering data.

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    I too have never really used Microsoft Access to recommend to teachers but instead we always use 'Junior ViewPoint' for years 5 and 6, in year 5 they use an old victorian census database to do queries etc and in year 6 they build thier own database about pupils within their class etc to make queries on things like how many people with brown eyes.

    Pupils and teachers seem to like it and get on well (i.e. I dont get asked many questions about it or problems)

    Interesting to see if anyone else has anything good to share

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