Leicester Branch BCS Meeting (non-members welcome)

13th October
6:30 buffet for 7:00pm start
inTrust Project - inTrust Project - a study into the level of trust in
Queens building, De Montfort University
Joint with IEE & CMI.

hursday 13/10/2005
inTrust Project - a study into the level of trust in Intranets
Dr. James Backhouse and John Baptista, London School of Economics.
Joint meeting with the IEE and Chartered Management Institute.

The London School of Economics is undertaking a research project in
conjunction with the Alliance & Leicester to understand user adoption of the
intranet for daily organisational decision making.
With the greater embeddedness of the intranet in business processes,
employees have to increasingly rely on this tool for most of their routine
decision making. On the assumption that staff will use the tool with
confidence when they perceive the intranet as a trustworthy source of
information, the research:
* analyses the factors that foster user trust in the intranet as a
source of information for decision making
* looks at the impact of different levels of trust in the intranet on
organisational performance (sharing information, sense of belonging,
empowerment, organisational culture, efficiency and cost reduction.)
The main goal is to develop further the "five dimensions of trust framework"
as a tool to enable the benchmarking of different intranet governance
systems according to their intrinsic levels of trust. Its application will
also provide recommendations as to how management may adapt their governance
systems to increase user trust in this medium.