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General Chat Thread, BES Express Installed!! Yay Finally in General; Afternoon Well it's been quite a miserable day hasn't it! nasty English weather but thankfully it's been quite bright one ...
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    Cool BES Express Installed!! Yay Finally


    Well it's been quite a miserable day hasn't it! nasty English weather but thankfully it's been quite bright one in the office today I've finally managed to get BES Express working in an SBS 2003 and 2008 Environment and have also managed to test the sending and receiving of emails of the data network.

    Honestly, I've found it quite a challenge as it's just been a pain to install and if you miss something out or/ do something wrong it just don't work so you need to make sure everything is completed in order for it to work properly.

    When it does work I must admit it's a fantastic piece of software and would recommend it to any small company/school that needs this service.

    I know many people are having problems getting it to work, and I can see it's not talked about much on here and when i needed help it's been difficult to get information on the fix! and the internet is also not very useful either to be honest.

    So really just wanted to let everyone know that it is good and well worth looking into if you need blackberrys working on your network and if anyone should get stuck be sure to let me know and i would be more than happy to take a look, i'm no expert as i said but might just be something silly. i've installed it so many times now it's kind of glued in my head LOL.

    I'll also be doing a tutorial on my blog for installation on an Small Business Server, and Full Window Server network.

    Happy Days!

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    Good work James, BES is a nasty bit of software to install with its multiple pages of instructions and arcane hacks to get certain things to work. I'm glad that you have it working. It does do its job very well once it is all up and going, its just getting it there that is the issue. I have only dealth with BES a couple of times both about three years ago so my skills with it are kind of rusted through. Good to hear that you may be putting up your runthrough online as I am sure that it will help many people in the future.

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