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General Chat Thread, Dabs telrphone number? in General; Hi, Something from Dabs has not turned up. The online chat service does not work for me and they are ...
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    Dabs telrphone number?


    Something from Dabs has not turned up. The online chat service does not work for me and they are not replying to my e-mails.

    Does anyone have a number please?


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    I was able to find a couple of numbers on saynoto0870.com but not sure if the departments they go to will be able to help.

    0870 4293000

    "I know this is an 0870 number, but the geographical eqiuvalant as per the DB didn't want to work (Could be me though). Puts you through to marketing, if you give them your problem, then they can put you through to a CS supervisior, who can actually do something! "
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    Do you deal with BT Business through the school? We have an account manager who is always more than happy to help with my home dabs.com orders and queries (such as reduced pricing there too). If you want I could let you know his contact details (direct line)?

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