Well, I wont be seeing much sunshine this summer as I'm (queue Bruce Willis "How can the same ...... happen to the same guy twice?) again doing a major ICT overhaul.

This week, I've shifted 4 ICT rooms, re-imaged most of the kit and drawn on walls :-D

I've just got around 20 IWB's to see to, two new ICT suites to see built, a wireless solution to put in place, new e-mail system, aid with VLE updates / integration and re-design and then, the usual new student accounts.

It's seriously sad but after my pants for 3 hours, I'm seriously loving it...... and the random collection of music on my iPod.

This week has seen an 80's revival and it's been top banana!

So, I know I'm not alone so I would like to extend a big well done to the rest of you chaps and chappettes for your efforts so far and wish you all the best.

I thought it would be good to see how everyone is getting on as well and possibly share some motivational music dedications. Carry on troops! :-)