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General Chat Thread, IT qualifications in General; Originally Posted by theeldergeek 'tis true. I left school at 16 with no GCSE's and a promise of a career ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by theeldergeek View Post
    'tis true. I left school at 16 with no GCSE's and a promise of a career in printing.

    That fell flat on its face after 2 years, at which point over the next couple of years, I drifted from retail to Sussex Trug maker! I finally ended up as a postman prior to getting married in the late 80's, and by accident, discovered I just 'understood' how computers worked by fiddling with my Dad's Atari and Commodore, and then moving onto so-called 'IBM Compatibles'.

    I used to pay the other posties to do my shifts as I could go out and work as a computer technician on private jobs and still make money!

    Never really looked back since.

    Regretfully perhaps, I've no industry recognised qualifications in IT (except a dated City & Guilds from 1995!) but this is something I intend to address in 2010.

    Nor have I and I don't intend on getting some now - as computers / IT just bores the pants off me now. Not much point in getting any IT qualifications at my age. I may do a OU course in something soon - just waiting for my kids to get a little older, but that is only through an interest in a subject. The only side aspect of IT I happen to find interesting is the History.
    I like many others just fell into IT, my best bit of paper to wave in front of people is a national diploma in Psychology !! How does that help in my job ? Given the chance I would happily chuck in my IT related job tomorrow and do something else - even considered pest control but that does not pay enough.
    I look back quite often now - I look back and the wrong direction I took when it came to my career !! Still I have done some interesting projects in my previous jobs........

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    I'm quite interested in becoming more qualified, I have a city and guilds level 2 and 3 in ITSST taken between 2001 and 2003 (IT systems support) which actually covered a vast range of topics, but am aware that I could/should have more.

    Any chance of people posting what qualifications they have and/or what they know is available and also what might be applicable for a primary school tech?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrbb View Post
    ...Any chance of people posting what qualifications they have and/or what they know is available and also what might be applicable for a primary school tech?
    You can see my website for a list of my qualifications. The only other thing that I'm working towards that isn't on my site is FITS level 4 & 5.

    For a primary school tech, imo, the following would be applicable as a starting point:

    Comptia A+
    Comptia Network+
    Comptia Server+ (poss)
    whatever the vendor cert is of your network (eg RM Certified Tech) and


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    I graduated from University last year with a Computer Science degree and worked part time during university and up until December in a small computer repair/sales store.

    Now working as an IT Tech, as alot of people here will know Computer science covers very little relevant to this role and while some of the computer repair stuff is useful most of it is new to me but before getting the role I began studying and have taken the first half of Comp TIA A+, im yet to take the 2nd half as I was sidetracked by the newer area that is the N+.

    There is also a fair bit of material at my new job from worcester based traning NEOS the previous tech went on covering a few microsoft certifications ive been reading.

    As also previously mentioned I agree you cant beat experience, one of the regretful things of university was the lack of any real workplace experience and nothing on networking edu geeks has provided me with huge amounts of information tho so thanks everyone!

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