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General Chat Thread, Toy Story 3 2D in General; Right, am I missing out if I watch this in 2D ? Reason being - I hate 3D films and ...
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    Toy Story 3 2D

    Right, am I missing out if I watch this in 2D ? Reason being - I hate 3D films and my kids hate wearing the 3D glasses - if i take them [ drag them as it's really me who wants to see it ] along Friday and we see the 2D version, will it ruin it ?

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    No... it'll be fine in 2D. Our local cinema is only showing it in 3D, but I wouldn't say you'd miss anything at all.

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    I went to see it in 2D the other night and it was fine. I also saw it in 3D in the States. Both were equally amazing. The only difference I could make out is that the 2D version seemed to be on real 'film' and therefore the image was lacking a certain sharpness.

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