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General Chat Thread, spare money = ??? in General; ...
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    We'd been told there was no money for anything major this year....then last friday we got an email saying we want one of the Tech rooms turning into an IT Suite and we want it doing over the summer, please can you cost up...gave them costs of £17k and they didn't bat an eyelid!! Where do they just find this money from!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soulfish View Post
    Last year I got told to spend £60k in a week at the end of the budget year. This year we "only" got £15k
    what did you spend the 60k on ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by torledo View Post
    what did you spend the 60k on ?
    We ended up getting some badly needed replacement PCs (replacing some very shoddy self-built PCs) and moving all servers to a virtualised environment including a SAN. Worked out quite well really since I was given the money about a month after I started so was essentially able to start from scratch!

    It was the habbit of the old bursar to horde cash until the end of the year and then decide what to spend things on.

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    My list (not that it would be possible to get all of this) would be-
    SAN (Drobo box maybe?)
    'Green IT Solutions' (help save even more money for the furture to spend it!) - so Virtulised Setup (maybe upgrade the servers you have)
    If the above then consider VDI + Thin Clients and replace your older PCs (more green IT)
    Air Con!

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