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General Chat Thread, Xenon lights for the car in General; Originally Posted by EduTech Yeah I think it would look nice to be honest, it won't be over the top ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by EduTech View Post
    Yeah I think it would look nice to be honest, it won't be over the top either I think it will set it of nice I'm just seeing how much the kit would be, I'm not an expert like but I can ask for advice as I don't really have a clue when it comes to cars lol!

    Looks a lot better then the car you had before ( think it was a peugot ) lol

    Would look pretty good on a white car ( or not if you have your brights on and are driving towards your car at night lol )

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    Quote Originally Posted by john View Post
    They don't, they are brighter and give a crisper light
    That's odd, I wonder if our perception has changed over time? I remember back in the early 70s coming back from the States, and my father and I trying to work out why the headlights here we so much whiter and crisper than we were used to. Halogen lamps were introduced here before they made it to Texas. Maybe it is something to do with the hours of darkness in the winter.

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    just to let people know, i have bought the Osrams Nightbreakers H4 for the fiesta MK6. The first photo is the lights on low beam and the second is the lights on full beam. I must say, they are a lot brighter than the halogen ones, a mate brought his 2003 megan round and we could tell the difference straight away.

    I am thinking about getting the phlips xtreme power ones and see what they are like.I suppose it is a bit of waste of money, but i have seen mixed reviews and nno evidence comparing the nightbreakers to the philips.

    I shall report back once i have bought the philips ones.. Could be a couple of weeks.

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    So all in all your pleased with the improvements then Tim?

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