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Hi all,

Got a bit of a cheeky request! I am doing a group project as part of my computing degree and have created a short(ish) questionnaire to collect some data for our report.

Our report is on the effects of Social Networks on Education and Young People, so if you could take a few minutes to do the questionnaire I and my group would really appreciate it!

There are 10 questions and an answer is required for all of them. Please only take part in this questionnaire if you are in or work in education!

Click here for the questionnaire.

Many thanks!
If this is for your degree, you need to seriously consider the impact of coming to a social networking site for your research. Certainly this one, where the question of whether or not EduGeek is classed as social networking in the context of your research compared to the rest of the typical field could hugely sway your results. It's highly unlikely that lecturers and students will be using EduGeek.