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General Chat Thread, Open Source XP in General; This is a pretty old piece of software that has been in development for a very very long time. Maybe ...
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    This is a pretty old piece of software that has been in development for a very very long time. Maybe we will see some movement if Russia does bankroll the development team but would we then be looking at an Operating System owned by a country? Would that impact US adoption of ReactOS?

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    Signifigant Russian government involvement in it would turn it into RuskieOS in the eyes of many, rightly or wrongly and so the mere politics would inhibit its uptake in certain areas.

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    Holy necropost Batman!

    But Reactos is still going strong and looks VERY exciting.

    And by exciting I mean broken.

    And by broken I mean new features come along with every release, which are a bit broken BUT the older ones get a little bit less broken. Boots MEGA fast too.

    Anyway I for one am excited and have donated a couple of times. Can't wait to see it 'out there'

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    Weeellll, If we are going to raise the dead...

    Quote Originally Posted by tmcd35 View Post
    By which point .net will be replaced by a common web API running across multiple platforms and the need for this type of project will be gone.
    I'd like to claim credit for predicting HTML5 four years ago! What with ChromeOS, FireFox OS, even Windows 8 support as an official development API in WinRT, iOS denouncing Macromedia Flash, and the whole cloud computing revolution.

    For my next prediction - In four years time Windows 9 will be released and the tiled start screen will be scrapped in favour of a full screen IE14 experience...

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