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General Chat Thread, Speakers For Main Hall in General; Ok guys, didn't know where else to put this, I require 3 sets of stereo speakers (6 in total) for ...
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    Speakers For Main Hall

    Ok guys, didn't know where else to put this,

    I require 3 sets of stereo speakers (6 in total) for our main hall, i have had enough of them being blown and sub standard quality. I have 1 amp with 4 100w RMS output (that is 2 stereo sets). And one 60w RMS amp (standard stereo) for the far from ones (because they are closer to the stage, so lowering the volume on them independantly reduces feedback).

    Anyone know any good sets of speaker (i have up to £850 for this in total) to get this right, they need to sound excellent for CD playback and also for live use and full school performances.

    Look forward to be hereing for you


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    Re: Speakers For Main Hall

    Probably worth contacting my good friend Martin at Audioworks, thats what I normally do for jobs like this. I am sure he would happily supply you with the speakers for the job, but I don't think he would be wanting to go down to Kent to install them for you. http://www.audioworks.co.uk/ is his website, he has done some amazing work for us.

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    Re: Speakers For Main Hall

    Firstly, can I give a quick plug for another forum? The Blue Room is populated by people discussing technical theatre stuff, with many industry professionals. (and a few know-all schoolboys) There is also a sup-group for school-based theatre technicians.
    Your question has come up before, so have a search (it may even be in the "Sound" FAQ.)

    Secondly, it would be unusual to put smaller speakers near the stage and larger ones down the hall, unless the arrangements are VERY odd. Speakers need to be carefully chosen to keep sound off walls that reflect back to the stage. The physical positioning of the boxes can influence the results to a huge extent.

    Thirdly, it sounds to me that your amp/s are significantly UNDER powered for a large hall. Amps are generally specified to fall between the RMS and peak capabilities of the speakers. The easiest way to kill a speaker is to turn an underpowered amp up too far. The amp clips, driving high voltage "spikes" into the HF speakers, frying them.

    http://www.10outof10.co.uk aren't too far from you. They'd be worth a call.

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    Re: Speakers For Main Hall

    Our advertisers to the rescue.
    Please start to use this facility, as these companies who support us all specialise in education. Oh, and please metion us when calling them

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