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General Chat Thread, Free Chess For Schools in General; I know, normally too good to be true etc... Chess for Schools is a major new nationwide initiative that aims ...
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    Free Chess For Schools

    I know, normally too good to be true etc...

    Chess for Schools is a major new nationwide initiative that aims to provide ten free chess sets to every one of England's 25,000 schools, with the intention of creating school chess clubs and inter-school chess tournaments

    Holloid Plastics: Chess for Schools

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    Oh... I thought it read cheese.

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    I fired off an email this morning and this is the reply;

    "Please read the following, and bear in mind that there are 8500-9000 schools still waiting for their chess sets.

    - 19th May - I have spoken to Mr Henning von Spreckelsen regarding the state of play with the chess sets that Holloid Plastics, his company, are manufacturing for us in support of the Chess for Schools project. I was able to obtain a breakdown of the current situation as follows – Holloid currently have no complete chess sets to box for delivery, although they do have a build-up of sundry pieces, with shortages existing primarily of kings and queens. Holloid’s business workload has trebled over the past few months, which of course is good news for the company but has a necessarily detrimental effect on the production of chess sets. The chess sets are produced during the so-called downtime for the machinery – mostly weekends if the workload allows.

    In addition, Holloid have been attempting to build up stocks of the items they manufacture for other companies and have seen some success in this – the more they can stockpile, the more downtime they’ll have for making chess sets. Holloid to date have – 100,000 chess boards, 2000 boxes but no complete chess sets. One new machine has been delivered and will be set up shortly, according to the latest information.

    - 14th June - Mr von Spreckelsen has contacted us and he mentions more production difficulties due to increased business and an additional shortage of recycled plastic to make the chess pieces with. There are currently still no chess sets to deliver to schools

    All we at the ECF, and I personally, can do is to ask everyone to bear with us. If and when we know more, then you’ll know straight away.

    My apologies


    ********* | ECF"

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    I'm sure our school registered their interest 18 months + ago and they still haven't received them - the 8500 - 9000 outstanding sets will probably never be received.

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    I think it's a ploy to get the hit count on their site up!

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