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    Best laptop for bout ~£500


    Lookin to get a nice laptop (not netbook) for about £500. Thinkin 13.3" is a good size, dont mind smaller, but dont want to sacrifice too much performance. Its not for gaming (got my i7 beast for that), will mainly be used for surfing tinterweb and the odd film or 2, but i'm very impatient when it comes to computers so it needs to be snappy (ssd would be lovely but haven't seen any reasonably priced laptops with them in).

    Any recommendations?

    Have been looking at the Acer 1825PTZ and the 1820PT cos they've got capacitive touch screens which would be nice, but not sure whether i'd realistically get much use out of that...any1 used one?

    Was also looking at the timeline x series but think they might be a bit pricey.

    Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated, oh knowledgeable ones

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    HP dm3 is pretty good - battery life isn't fantastic but their AMD Athlon Neo processors are faster (from what I have seen) than the Intel Atom options, there’s a few models with varying RAM sizes about from £400-£600.
    Personally I have a dv2 which came just before the dm3s and it works great for everything up to and including light gaming (so performance shouldn't be an issue).

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