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General Chat Thread, Do you add screenwash? in General; Originally Posted by tech_guy I never bother with screenwash, I rely on the dork in the BMW in front of ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by tech_guy View Post
    I never bother with screenwash, I rely on the dork in the BMW in front of me at the traffic lights whose spray always seems to go right over their roof and land on my car wind-shield....
    Quality line!

    Funniest thing I've read all day!!!

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    I must admit another OMG we must stop doing stuff before we all die, its getting very annoying. Apart from the taps and shower heads at work that must be run for ages, any dead-legs in pipe work, such as Fire Hose Reels which we have been told must now be removed and all pipe work taken back to the main feed pipe not just cut and capped off at the reel (thus leaving the dead-leg), and anywhere the pipes cross / could be getting warm must be dealt with, so despite these water pipes running in the containment for the last 60 years, being insulated etc as the cold water pipe is getting mildly warm from heat build up in the crawl spaces etc we now have an issue... I think its all a bit OTT, we've been open over 100 years, and server a huge community thus surely there would have been mass death by now from Legionella if that was a really major issues.

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