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General Chat Thread, Rules of engagement with drinks in General; i have to say the rules didnt get stuck to very well last night! major headaches this morning!...
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    i have to say the rules didnt get stuck to very well last night! major headaches this morning!

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    I enjoy the occasional Tramps Banquet; 3 litres of cheap cider in the local park, preferably Devon Village, obviously pronounced french to give it some class.

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    When having dinner....

    Beer to start with, usually a lager such as Kronenberg 1664 or Becks Vier.
    White wine with the starter
    Red wine with the main
    White or Rose with the desert.
    If it's a 'proper' meal where we then sit and eat other things like cheese board etc, I'll switch to port, followed by a brandy, which will normally last me a good hour or more.

    Out for a night, I don't remember, it's been a year since my Stag do (beer, beer, and more beer), and I cannot remember the last time before that I went out on the town for a night, it's been far too long.

    At the weekend I just made a dent in the wine i bought during the week, with a couple bottles of red drunk over the course of 2 nights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wesleyw View Post
    A what point did bourbon become good whiskey? A proper scotch single malt preferably is good whiskey although I've only ever ventured as far as £100 a bottle stuff the Talisker can be as much as £800 not sure I'd buy that although my Dads birthday is coming up and it would shock him to be drinking £50 worth of scotch in a small glass lol

    I have to say, the Jack Daniels Single Barrel is a really nice drink, and I've discovered they do other derivatives too, some a little too costy, but yeah, a nice single malt is the way to go.

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