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General Chat Thread, Rules of engagement with drinks in General; i have to say the rules didnt get stuck to very well last night! major headaches this morning!...
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    i have to say the rules didnt get stuck to very well last night! major headaches this morning!

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    I enjoy the occasional Tramps Banquet; 3 litres of cheap cider in the local park, preferably Devon Village, obviously pronounced french to give it some class.

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    When having dinner....

    Beer to start with, usually a lager such as Kronenberg 1664 or Becks Vier.
    White wine with the starter
    Red wine with the main
    White or Rose with the desert.
    If it's a 'proper' meal where we then sit and eat other things like cheese board etc, I'll switch to port, followed by a brandy, which will normally last me a good hour or more.

    Out for a night, I don't remember, it's been a year since my Stag do (beer, beer, and more beer), and I cannot remember the last time before that I went out on the town for a night, it's been far too long.

    At the weekend I just made a dent in the wine i bought during the week, with a couple bottles of red drunk over the course of 2 nights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wesleyw View Post
    A what point did bourbon become good whiskey? A proper scotch single malt preferably is good whiskey although I've only ever ventured as far as 100 a bottle stuff the Talisker can be as much as 800 not sure I'd buy that although my Dads birthday is coming up and it would shock him to be drinking 50 worth of scotch in a small glass lol

    I have to say, the Jack Daniels Single Barrel is a really nice drink, and I've discovered they do other derivatives too, some a little too costy, but yeah, a nice single malt is the way to go.

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