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General Chat Thread, Live@Edu in General; Hi all I know I have bumped into a few people who have enrolled however, I just wondered if anyone ...
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    Hi all

    I know I have bumped into a few people who have enrolled however, I just wondered if anyone would mind giving me any feedback?

    I have implemented the system for a couple of smaller installs however, this has been a script based user sync therefore and there is no single sign-on, password sync etc.

    I've completed some testing on a fresh test bed with a similar install to the destination with working password sync (after loads of headache) and lots of e-mails because Microsoft kept sending the wrong password to unpackage the certificate (facepalm) and it looks good.

    Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions before I flick the switch?

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    Hi there

    We had a major change to our network in late 2009 including netware to AD, new desktop Operating systems and a new mail system. We decided to go with live@edu for all our users - 240 staff and about 1000 of our 1360 students (not all the young ones). We did engage a microsoft partner to set up the password synchronisation with AD, so that mail accounts are created as we create users.
    Have used the SSO portal kit supplied and managed to get this working - it is not flash, but i guess I could now pay for someone to make it better - kids like it though as there is seamless access from sharepoint to their email and skydrive.

    Staff love outlook (most had not used it before), and I like having home versions and school versions using the client. Positive feedback from students on the skydrive and sharepoint/outlook integration.
    We have no internal mail server and have had few problems with outages (one failed update to a server in some other country that Microsoft then rolled back)

    Our assessment - could we recommend it - yep!
    I think Microsoft are doing some serious catching up.


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    We're looking at live@edu here too, for our students. We currently run in-house Exchange for our students and employees. I'd love to hear from more people who use it, especially small colleges that have switched from their own Exchange system.

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