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General Chat Thread, Visiting USA in General; wiat! you dont need a microchipped one! you just need one that has been issued within the last 10year so ...
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    wiat! you dont need a microchipped one! you just need one that has been issued within the last 10year so that its machine readable,

    After the dreadful events of September 11th, the USA introduced new rules to increase security around visitors to America. One requirement was that in visa waiver countries (countries from which you do not need a visa to enter the States like the UK) you would need a machine readable passport to enter the USA after 26th October 2004. The UK has been issuing machine readable passeports for the last 10 years and so most UK passport holders will not be affected by this. You may have a problem if your UK passport was issued to you from outside the UK ie at an embassy or consulate. These are not machine readable. In such cases get your passport renewed before you travel to the USA. You will also have a problem if your child(ren) are on your passport. Children are now required to have their own machine readable passport to enter the USA from October 2004, so get your children their own passport if they currently appear on yours.

    link Passports & visa requirements. Fly Drive USA. Absolute beginners

    Ps just booked my flight to florida for next April! wooo just got to fill out that esta form now https://www.ukesta.com:446/

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    So it turns out my passport issued in 06 was fine. Let me into the country no problem. The ETSA thing online was simple enough and after surrendering my eye scan and fingerprints was allowed into the USA.

    Incidentaly, it was actually a lot more pleasant than I had anticipated. The East Coast Americans were really nice and friendly.. Spent a couple of days in NYC, Boston, and the Lakes in Upstate New York. Also went to Montreal for the day... Was good to get away and get a bit of sun

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