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    Just been told I can have a look around for a netbook/laptop for use with my job etc but now not sure what I would like so looking out fr suggestions, first requirement is price so aiming around the £400 mark I suppose. Now other requirements, transport to my various schools is....by bike (thats cycle not motor!) so it would need to be rugged. I like the idea of the Samsungs but could I change the HD for a Solid type drive for that price? Seen the Fizzbooks (now longer batter life) and are quite rugged, but as I say open to suggestions. A large powerfull laptop would also be nice but if I needed to carry it around with me, weight and portability may be an issue so go on give me you best shot with a suggestion.

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    From someone who has tried, you dont want to be carrying a full laptop on a bike. So you have the right idea.
    Assuming you're not travelling across bumpy rugged countryside I would have thought that a standard hard drive would cope?

    Pakuma bags are really good, lovely padded pocket for laptops, I think they do a small one for netbooks now too

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