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General Chat Thread, Student helpers in General; Does anybody have students that are interested in IT and that you allow to help out? If you do what ...
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    Student helpers

    Does anybody have students that are interested in IT and that you allow to help out? If you do what sort of thing do you allow them to do and are they able to use any elevated privileges (under supervision). We have a student who wants to help but we're finding it difficult to decide what we can let them do.

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    I ended up with TWO work experience kids for a week earlier this year... the computers had never been so clean! I also found it useful to have gophers to go and check if any mice had decided to walk off and the like.

    I soon ran out of menial jobs mind and after 3 days I gave them the Microsoft SmallBasic tutorial to work through.

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    I had one, took to it like a duck to water. She went though the scrap pile, which has grown into a scrap room, and documented it all with model and serial so it could be written off on paper ..... It was on my to do list honest ...
    As a treat I trained her on the classroom monitoring software and she "helped" me check on a few ICT suites to compile a few games sites etc. She also helped me adjust the "letter home" for banned students breaking the AUP.

    She now thinks im the IT god, and promptly told everyone what we in IT do and kids know we watch them remotly and have an inner fear of getting banned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by badders View Post
    are they able to use any elevated privileges (under supervision)
    If you gave a current pupil an administrative password which allows them in to other pupil's accounts, or staff accounts come to that, you might find yourself supervising them so closely that you don't actually get anything done yourself. I could definitely use someone willing to go round cleaning computers, reporting any breakages, maintaining the inventory and doing basic repairs, e.g. swapping mice, replacing keyboard feet, etc.

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