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General Chat Thread, arrggg sims!! in General; I need to be off on time today. I need to run a sims update to fix an issue with ...
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    arrggg sims!!

    I need to be off on time today. I need to run a sims update to fix an issue with something we are having. I got "Database upgrades not completed correctly" during the update

    Why is sims such an immense pain?

    Im just waiting back off the support people.....

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    Every month they patch SIMS and every month it breaks.
    so I do a monthly tour of the School fixing b0rken SIMS installs.

    Why can't the Governbent create a standardised School Information System to be deployed nationwide? (oh yeah, because they'd award the contract to their mates, and it'd cost billions for a few pages of PHP...)

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