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    Swearword of the day - Quickbooks.

    Grrr. Nnnnggggh. Arrrrgh.

    Transferred Quickbooks 2008 from a laptop to a shiney new Windows 7 PC (standalone, Home Premium).

    Works absolutely perfectly but won't register.
    Phone Timbuctoo for their help desk.
    "Sorry, Quickbooks Pro 2008 doesn't support that OS. You must have Windows 7 Business or Ultimate"
    "Excuse me? That's complete rubbish - are you sure you don't mean it needs 32bit instead of 64?"
    "No sir, definitely it is needing Business or Ultimate."
    "So how come the program completely works but just won't register?"
    "Because we do not support it on Windows 7. You must either buy support contract for £uber or buy Quickbooks 2010"
    "Don't worry, we'll use it on the laptop and buy Sage instead."
    "But sir, I think.." *cut off*

    Hate companies like that. Suggest avoiding that software like the plague.

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    Sounds awful, I'm glad I've never had any problems like that... so far.... I only ever get those annoying phone calls from them where they keep asking "do you want to upgrade? it's only £expensive" x10. Which I have to say, I am getting rather fed up with.

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