Well, I'm feeling kinda retro today, as a couple of weekends ago I ditched my Canon DSLR (it's still there and I'm not offering to give it away .. I just decided to leave it at home and go out with real film!) in place of a Minolta Film SLR that I had been given by someone a while back, just never got round to checking out .. they said it was broken, I put two new cell batteries in it and it worked fine ..

Anyway, found a roll of film whilst tidying out some of my home office, so thought what the heck .. and today I dropped an actual roll of film into an actual photo-processing place .. I'd nearly forgotten what it is I was meant to do with it once complete .. but tonight I will find out how well the camera works, and how well I do without any automation on a camera! lol ..

The amusing thing I found when using it though, was I kept looking on the back to see the picture I'd just taken .. force of habit, but didn't half feel stupid for doing it .. after most of the shots too! lol .. DOH!