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General Chat Thread, Someone help me choose a phone! in General; I'm totally out of touch with the mobile phone market - I've had my current phone, a Sony Ericsson w910i ...
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    Someone help me choose a phone!

    I'm totally out of touch with the mobile phone market - I've had my current phone, a Sony Ericsson w910i for quite a while now so I'm well overdue an upgrade, but what to go for??

    Ideally I want something rugged that can put up with a fair bit of abuse, as I'm out and about quite often in dirty and wet conditions - the 910i has survived this very well, but it's becoming a tad un-reliable now. Apart from that, I'm not too fussed what the phone actually comes with, I doubt I'll be using it for more than txting and making calls on.

    Anyone got any personal recomendations?


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    I personally have a blackberry bold 9700 and really love it for its business use but Webman has the Nexus one which I must admit has more networking capabilities than mine, also the Junior Technician has a Motorola Dext which also carries the android OS and is also very good.

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    If you don't want to go down the iPhone or Blackberry routes have a look at the Android phones that are available. I have a HTC Tattoo and find it to be a great little phone.

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    I've also been looking to get a new phone. Currently have Samsung SGH-G600 - it's been a good phone, but I'd really like something better at photo's. Have been looking at the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - an Android phone but apparently because Sony wants it to use their custom skin, it's running 'Droid V1.6. All I want is a really good cameraphone though - any suggestions?

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