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General Chat Thread, Alternatives to Virgin Media Broadband in General; Originally Posted by GrumbleDook I've only hit a cap twice so far, and both times VM apologised and reset it ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by GrumbleDook View Post
    I've only hit a cap twice so far, and both times VM apologised and reset it with no issues. Not had a problem since on the 10meg service and I am a fairly heavy downloader on iPlayer and via iTunes (*lots* of subscribed podcasts / vodcasts!)
    I have to ask, if you went over the cap why did VM apologise and remove it?

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    I'm fairly close by in Quinton, about 3 miles from the Woodgate Exchange. When I was on ADSL2 with Be* I managed to sync at around 17Mbps. That's with some dodgy internal wiring too, so I could have got pretty close to the top.

    I'm with Virgin now, but I've left my downloading days behind, so only use it for browsing, some gaming and some streaming from BBC/4OD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeroHour View Post
    The other x factor in your deal is you WILL have to get a BT line @ £12 approx per month
    I think it means around 4mb but its always a pure estimate until adsl is activated really.
    The other thing to remember is if your area get fibre to cabinet you could get 40mb and thats being enabled in a lot of places this year.
    I did a check with the new BT infinity and it stated I could get 6mbps when I am already on at least 10mbps

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    Wow I kinda feel lucky :P I live in Yeovil,Somerset not a very big place town has around a pop of 20,000 and my internet connection is with titanadsl I have a solid 16mb download and a 1.5mb upload with no download caps or throttling (that I have noticed!) coupled with the bt line rental its costing me £31 per month

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    I have recently moved house and having to set up a new Broadband service has been a complete and utter pain in the arse. I wanted to get Virgin (as I have a serious dislike for ADSL connections... and after hearing about numerous nightmares from friends with ADSL connections, I've always tried to avoid it plus I mean, anything that is going down an old fashioned copper phone line/up the pole from the 1970's can't be that fast, right?) but as I live in a shared flat now and one of the other people living there already had it, for some dumb reason, they point blank refused to install it for me... yes, a business actually didn't want my money.

    I then tried activating the phone line which already existed in the house by using the post office as their service seemed to be pretty good value, however, they failed to even activate the line, despite telling me that it was active every time I complained that it didn't actually work. So, definitely don't go with them!

    I then decided to sign up with BT as a last resort and it hasn't been a smooth ride at all, they've wasted my time, I yelled at someone in India after asking politely to speak to someone in England and being told "they'd only tell you exactly the same thing" which was a complete load of... as when I did finally get through to someone in England they agreed with me that I actually had a problem, I was then left waiting for an Engineer for half a day which never turned up. Eventually, a few days later, an engineer did turn up and my line was installed, however my internet doesn't work properly even now. I can't work it out, half the time webpages simply don't load... yet I can stay connected to the Playstation Network and MSN so it seems like an intermittent DNS issue, still, it's most likely something at their end messing up which will only take "insert X number of phone calls here" to resolve.

    I've gone into a bit of a rant there, sorry! It's just that all of these companies seem to be one and the same, they're all useless. Maybe give Sky a go... I've never tried them and nobody else here has bashed them yet.

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